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Small businesses need to leverage every possible opportunity to drive revenue and minimize costs. Therefore, it makes sense to utilize apps that enhance the profitability for your company.

Here are several cloud and mobile small business app ideas that might help you drive more profit!


Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a system that you likely use to manage your entire marketing system, from prospecting to communication, and through relationship management. Many companies prefer cloud-based software solutions at this point. Additionally, a lot of the leading CRM providers offer mobile apps.

The benefit of a CRM app is that you can complete the daily customer relationship activities you perform, even while in the field. A common reason sales reps don’t like this business marketing system is the time involved. If reps can access prospect and customer accounts, input data and review files from anywhere, your selling processes are carried out much more efficiently.

Smart Watch Apps

Wearable iOS and Android devices have led to the introduction of a number of efficiency-focused smart watch apps.

Watch apps enable your employees an even safer and more effective way to communicate efficiently while in the field. Navigation apps are a safer way to find locations without having to watch a phone map. You can set up calendars, notifications and other daily scheduling tasks that help significantly with time management. The more productive your team is with time, the greater your efficiency and profitability.

Online Meetings

Communication is sometimes challenging when you have people who are geographically dispersed. However, online meeting and mobile conferencing apps help alleviate this hurdle.

With these types of tools, you can hold team meetings or have salespeople interact with prospects from a distance. Some applications even allow recording of audio and video messages for people to retrieve and experience at a later point. Better communication improves production quality and efficiency.

Web Marketing and Social Media

When used effectively, web marketing helps a small business increase its customer base, drive revenue and boosts profits. Several apps in the web marketing and social media categories enhance marketing systems digitally.

In addition to the basic social tools, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, many apps are available that allow management of all digital marketing and social media activities. You can efficiently schedule messages, track reactions, and place messages through local directories and media.

Business Expense Management

Controlling costs is as important to profitability as driving revenue. Apps are available that allow for convenient and effective budgeting and expense management.

Some programs enable business users to directly scan and upload receipts for easy record-keeping. The apps then track the expenses going into each category. Your field representatives can more easily and accurately track mileage on business trips as well. This feature lets your company control travel expenses more effectively, and log data more efficiently.

The words App Market on a white application tile in a wall of apps in a store which sells software programs for download to your smart phone or other electronic device
The words App Market on a white application tile in a wall of apps in a store which sells software programs for download to your smart phone or other electronic device


You have hundreds of applications available that could better your small business. These are some of the categories of cloud, mobile, and web apps that are especially beneficial in increasing revenue, minimizing costs and boosting profit.

The best approach is to identify areas of inefficiency in your company. Then, research apps that help address that particular drag on profit. To explore a customized solution that matches your need, learn more about our mobile application development services.

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