Your Team Members Can Easily Use Smart Data Visualization

Is Smart Data Visualization and Visual Analytics Right for My Business Users?

Smart Data Visualization is a crucial component of augmented data discovery. This critical feature enables sophisticated analysis with guided visualization tools that auto-recommend displays and data views based on data type, volume, dimensions, patterns and nature of data.



Software for Data Visualization allows business users to analyze, share and present information without the assistance of data scientists, business analysts or programmers. With smart data visualisation, business users can cut through mountains of data to identify and leverage critical business factors, results, issues and opportunities that will have the most impact on business results.

Smart Visualization supports data democratization and the empowerment of business users and allows team members at every level of the organization to interact easily with data discovery tools and analytics software. Users can present and share data that tells a story and provides clear, fact-based results for better decision-making.

Visual Analytics identify relationships, patterns, and trends in the market, in the industry and in customer buying behavior. Users can explore detailed data with easy-to-use drill down and drill through capabilities, and make sense of data from integrated data sources, using a guided approach that takes the guesswork out of analytics.

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