BI Tools for Small and Medium Sized Business!

Small and Medium Sized Businesses CAN Enjoy the Benefits of BI Tools!

I recently attended a business intelligence conference and I spoke with a small business owner who attended the conference in hopes of finding out how to leverage business intelligence to sustain growth and address competition while juggling other responsibilities and managing a small business budget.



“I have tried to figure out how to make this happen,” she said. “But, I honestly think these solutions are too complicated and too expensive for us.”

Happily, I was able to point her in the right direction! I talk to small and medium sized businesses all the time and I tell them that just because a business is small, that doesn’t’ mean they are exempt from the problems of larger organizations. Small businesses have the same need to monitor and manage data and to understand results and plan for the future. No matter the size of the organization, no business manager wants to spend money needlessly and no business wants to operate in an environment of confusion or guess at results and the potential for future success.

A small business owner knows the company and product or service very well, but she or he may not have the time, money or skill to perform complex analysis and see hidden patterns or trends or identify the frustratingly elusive root cause of a problem. BI Tools that are designed for the average skills of a business user and BI tools that are mobile and can be used on any device, will give small and medium (SME) sized business owners the ability to quickly and easily leverage sophisticated Business Intelligence Features with little or no training and to use the information gleaned from these tools to plan, make decisions, solve problems and capitalize on business opportunities.

Business Intelligence for Small Business can help you to find, filter and understand business results, and you need not sacrifice or compromise because you are operating in a small business environment.

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