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BI Tools for Small and Medium Sized Business!

Small and Medium Sized Businesses CAN Enjoy the Benefits of BI Tools!

I recently attended a business intelligence conference and I spoke with a small business owner who attended the conference in hopes of finding out how to leverage business intelligence to sustain growth and address competition while juggling other responsibilities and managing a small business budget.


BI Tools for Small, Medium and Large Biz!

Business Intelligence for Every Size Business and Need!

Small, Medium or Large, Business Intelligence is Critical to Your Business!

When a business is looking for a business intelligence solution, the management team may believe that they must choose a solution that is designed for a particular size business. In so doing, that business may restrict itself and its users and miss out on critical features and functionality – all in the name of what it believes to be a scale issue.


Business Intelligence for Small Business

Business Intelligence for Small Business: It Really Exists!

Does Business Intelligence for Small Business Really Exist?

Just because a business is small, that doesn’t’ mean they are exempt from the problems of larger organizations, nor does it mean they have any less need to monitor and manage data and to understand results and plan for the future. If you are small business owner or manage and you think business intelligence for small business is out of your grasp because of cost or complexity, you will be pleased to know that BI for small business can and does exist and it is cost-effective and easy to implement and use.