Social BI Improves Collaboration and Effectiveness

Social BI Tools: A Logical (and Crucial) Extension of Social Networking!

Business intelligence has become a crucial tool for business users and for organizations large and small. It was only a matter of time before social business intelligence took over the enterprise! Sharing data and content is a habit for all consumers and consumers have jobs. Within the context of those jobs, a consumer becomes a team member – a business user who now uses social business intelligence tools to gather, analyze and share data and make better, more dependable decisions.



Within the realm of Social BI, power users will emerge and data popularity will rise. The way in which a creative business user employs social BI tools, data gathering and analysis techniques and data reports and display formats will drive other business users to find and share data and allow users to teach each other and inspire more analytical creativity.

But, the reach of social BI software does not stop there! As the enterprise considers and assesses the ways in which business users share and use data, it can better anticipate the needs of the user base and provide better, more targeted tools, integrated data and analytical features and functionality to support and drive the organization, improve productivity and time to market and increase competitive advantage.

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