Predictive Analytics Puts You Ahead of the Competition

Plug n’ Play Predictive Analytics Solutions for Every Business User!

Predictive analysis is very important to your organization. If you can dependably predict and forecast results, you can stay ahead of the competition, address changing customer needs, capitalize on opportunities and solve problems before they negatively impact your enterprise.



But, your market is no different than any other market. Things are changing fast and you don’t have the time or the money to hire additional professional analytical resources and wait for those limited resources to satisfy the daily, changing needs of your user base. If you are to fully leverage predictive analytics, you must provide easy-to-use assisted predictive modeling tool. These plug n’ play predictive analytics solutions allow your business users to dive in and participate in predictive analytics. Your business users do not need to be professional analysts in order to take advantage of these predictive analytics tools so user adoption and user satisfaction is never an issue. This predictive analytics software is fast and easy to implement and provides impressive ROI and TCO.

Most importantly, out-of-the-box predictive analysis tools are flexible so expanding the user base, and growing with the natural ebb and flow of the organization is not a problem. Business users will become Citizen Data Scientists who can find and analyze information on a daily basis to solve problems and create meaningful reports to share with other users so the organization is more empowered and accountable and every team member in every role can see how their goals fit and support the overall enterprise objectives.

Your team members have a lot of things to juggle in a day. Don’t ask them to use tools that are cumbersome or frustrating. Give them predictive analysis tools that are mobile, easy to use and provide plug n’ play predictive analytics to identify trends and patterns and help users to discover those unique ‘nuggets’ of information that will help the organization rise about the competition.

We encourage you to take the Smarten approach to Plug n’ Play Predictive Analytics. Contact us to find out how!