Web Agency Partner Value Proposition

Not to Worry, Geoffrey, a Software Development Partnership Can Relieve Stress!

My friend, Geoffrey works in a web agency. He is the consummate professional – always trying to better services and ready to work to meet deadlines and budgets. His team puts a lot of effort into visualizing and conceptualizing ways to create a more attractive Internet presence, with seamless applications, aesthetic designs, and refreshing experience for your customers business.



We had diner recently, and Geoffrey lamented that, while the team always works toward offering and maintaining cutting-edge, innovative online reputation management and online engagement solutions for customers, he is keenly aware of the burden of getting it right every time, satisfying every customer and keeping the business growing and thriving.

“What we really need,” he said, “What we really need is extra hands. Someone that can transform our ideas and creativity into reality and help us sustain our reputation without a ballooning budget. We need a partner.”

Geoffrey doesn’t want to expand his own team – he knows that would be unwieldy and expensive and that it would be difficult to maintain the right levels and types of training to take advantage of new technologies, techniques etc.

Always the good friend, I suggested he engage the services of a team that could provide multifunctional support to quickly and effectively build software apps and provide support for users, upgrades and all the other facets of the web agency world. He needs a Software Development Partner with project management skills, graphic designers, Ux skills, coders, and experts in software reengineering, PHP, .Net, Java and whatever else is required to get the job done. That includes power developers in WordPress, Joomla, Liferay, BigCommerce, Volusion and other CMS and eCommerce platforms, smart watch applications and other mobile apps.

I just so happen to know someone who can help, and I was more than willing to share that information with my friend, Geoffrey, who is looking forward to a little less juggling and a lot more revenue and customer satisfaction.

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