Software Re-Engineering: The Road to Success

Ux, Architecture and More for Comprehensive Software Re-Engineering!

If you have been in business for a while, you know that, over time, things can get a little rusty and processes and activities can become rote. One of the greatest risks inherent in the business aging process is the use of outdated technology and, with the rapid pace of change in the market today, you have barely finished updating apps and websites and it seems it is time to take on the task again. We all need to assess our technology and undertake software reengineering in order to remain competitive.



I am not one to think I know everything and, when it comes to attracting website visitors and creating or upgrading applications that will attract consumers or ensure business user adoption, I know I need help. Sure, I know what my customers want, but I am not an expert in how to get there. One thing I know about Software Reengineering is that this type of initiative is driven by critical business issues, and requirements, and if my business needs are critical, I can’t risk doing things the wrong way.

My team needs to capitalize on the latest technologies and trends, and we need to integrate with other applications or systems, and previously incompatible technology environs. Beyond that, we have to satisfy user expectations for application usage. All of that means that we need a focus on the user experience (Ux), and on the appropriate architecture, scalability and performance to ensure that we get the most out of our investment and can sustain customer and user satisfaction.

When we undertook the software re-engineering process, we wanted to resolve issues with old architecture that no longer supports the needs of the market or the user and we wanted to make sure that we were compatible with new target devices, operating systems, third party systems and platforms and offer high interoperability with other systems. But, I didn’t want to lose site of the user because without the users; without our customers; we would not be in business. So, I wanted to address the expanding and changing user needs of our users and address factors like increasing numbers of users and changing usage, changing user skills and expectations, and a change in the volume, size and type of data.

That’s a lot! I found an expert partner with skills in User Experience Improvement – Ux improvement, UI migration, application server, middle tier or backend migration, migration to new frameworks and new versions, migration for compatibility with integration frameworks and web services, cloud-based code transformations and other components of the software application that extend far beyond simple application development skills.

That’s a mouthful, but it is all necessary to ensure success. If you need to consider software re-engineering, I would definitely recommend an expert. Software Re-Engineering