UI Development and Gardening Website for U.K. Client

UI Development and Gardening Website for U.K. Client
This client supports gardeners and gardening organizations and groups with information and inspiration, supporting and advising users via a gardening website. The client wished to expand and enhance its collaborative platform to better support garden centers, specialist growers, landscapers, charities and weekend gardeners. Elegant MicroWeb developed a responsive Ux design and UI development to support users and provide easy access to advice, photo sharing, task lists and other related activities.Details >

Ux Design and UI Development for Italy-Based Social Network Portal

Ux Design and UI Development for Italy-Based Social Network Portal
Elegant Microweb, a user experience design company, worked with this Italy-based client to create  an identity, and uniform branding and provide an access management SSO portal for centralized control, and one-click user management and password protection with management features. The Ux design included a review and implementation of functionality and features to satisfy the complete user experience and UI design and UI development of the portal.Details >

Who is in Charge? You or Your Users?

ux-design-feb-blog I remember the good old days when IT consultants and in-house IT staff decided how users would interact with data, what software would look like and user needs and wants took a back seat to the dictates of technical experts. User manuals were written in technical jargon and training was long and ineffective. If you think this world is still a reality, you (and your business) are probably struggling to succeed in the online world.
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User experience is tangible, measurable and quantifiable!

Yes! No kidding, you can actually measure the satisfaction of the end users of your product. Still not convinced? Let’s explain how user experience design and your end user satisfaction could be measured. 1. Take your software to the market and assuming you have about 100 customers being introduced to your product 2. Bring in changes to the software and measure the changes in business activity i.e. Create, Retrieve, Update & Delete such basic functions 3. Wait for some time to track the business activities related to every function points 4. Before you bring in changes though, ensure that you know how it connects the following
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The Importance and Benefits of a Well-Conceived User Experience (Ux)

Your customers and business users are sophisticated. They have access to all kinds of apps, software and websites. They know how easy technology can be and how difficult it can be and they have no patience for the latter. Consumers purchase products or services, get information, make a hotel reservation, or buy a movie ticket. Business users leverage software every day to do their jobs, accomplish goals, collaborate and share. The bottom line is that the user experience (Ux) is critical to your business success and can make the difference between user adoption, customer retention and business success. Pay attention to Ux! ###Details >

If You Want to Keep Your Customers, You NEED RWD!

RWD (3)
Responsive web design (RWD) is a buzz-phrase that all tech people understand. But, when you start talking about Responsive Web  Design, Adaptive Web Design, Content First Design, and other mobile concepts, the average business person tunes out (and with  good reason). I won't argue that it is important for every business person to understand the basic importance of making websites,  applications and online presence a pleasant experience for customers, partners and suppliers. BUT, no technology person should  expect the average business manager or end-user to understand the ins and outs of the process. That's why we have experts!
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How Does your News or Media Site Score?

How does your news or media site score

Are you striking out because of poor mobile usability? For the User Experience Scorecard, The search agency calculated the total score out of possible five points – a score of zero being the lowest and a score of five being the highest possible…for each of the sites.


Is your hospitality Business Engaged in the Age of Mobility?


The Shift in Hotel Bookings is Irreversible! From Desktop to Mobile and Tablet There’s No Turning Back.


The Way to a Customer's Heart is Through the User Interface!

Perhaps you are still trying to convince your executive team to employ user experience design services to accommodate user expectations for your enterprise applications. Is your organization debating the need to provide intuitive easy displays on all types of devices from desktops and laptops to tablets and the various screen sizes of smart phones? If that debate is still in the works in your organization, you are not alone!While mobile application development, responsive web design and user interface redesign debates rage on, your business is losing customers and sales conversions and your customer satisfaction is going down the tubes! Think of your user experience in the same way you think of customer service in a brick and mortar store.
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Responsive Web Design or Adaptive? Cut Through the Confusion and Ensure Success

There are many articles and opinions about Responsive Web Design(RWD) and Adaptive Web Design (AWD), but one thing is for sure. The business benefits of RWD and AWD are numerous. While the upfront planning process for RWD and AWD may be a bit longer, the payoff in terms of customer and user satisfaction and increased bottom line is undeniable. Here are just a few of the benefits of redesigning or designing a site using responsive or adaptive web design.
  • Reach your audience easily through tablet and mobile
  • Improve conversion and sales ratio
  • Consolidate analytics
  • Improve search engine visibility
  • Save cost and time in mobile development
  • Simplify website maintenance
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