Yes! No kidding, you can actually measure the satisfaction of the end users of your product.

Still not convinced?

Let’s explain how user experience design and your end user satisfaction could be measured.

1. Take your software to the market and assuming you have about 100 customers being introduced to your product
2. Bring in changes to the software and measure the changes in business activity i.e. Create, Retrieve, Update & Delete such basic functions
3. Wait for some time to track the business activities related to every function points
4. Before you bring in changes though, ensure that you know how it connects the following


  • Time they spend on your software
  • Time & Revenue connect, figure out if the more the stay, does it churn in more revenue
  • Track the usage of functions and scenarios
  • Look for the dropout rates &
  • Look for repeat use of same functions i.e. if you’re have 10 functions and if one three are being used, identify those

5. Once you have made a benchmark and made sure that the business activities are being tracked right, look at the changes for yourself

Some interesting discoveries will be made. I am not discussing how you need to build UI/UX here, cause that gets boring, what I am talking about is about the changes that impact the business cycles. End customer behavior.

A simple report generated from tracking those changes can effectively tell if your users are consuming less or more of your systems. Making increased purchases and spending more time.

This is the simplest measure!

We have had experience where is a quantified satisfaction level went up from less than 23% to upwards of 52% under no time.

That’s just the power of user experience design and it is measurable!

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Original Source – User experience is tangible, measurable and quantifiable!