I want to tell you about a conversation I had with my boss Ricky, regarding software re-engineering and the need to spruce up and improve our applications and websites to accommodate our customers, partners, suppliers and business users.

As soon as I sat down, Ricky said, ‘I don’t think software reengineering is worth the expense. We don’t really need it and we won’t get enough benefit.”


I told Ricky that Software Reengineering keeps us relevant in today’s heterogeneous environment and lets us harness the latest technologies for scalable, interoperable, mobile systems. I also told him exactly what issues our software re-engineering project would address, namely:

  • We have to satisfy business user expectations for application usage so users will adopt and leverage internal applications.
  • We have to address increased numbers of users and changing usage, changing user skills and expectations, and a change in the volume, size and type of data.
  • We have issues with old architecture that no longer supports the needs of the market or the user
  • Applications/software have to be compatible with new target devices, operating systems, 3rd party systems and platforms and provide high interoperability with other systems.
  • There is an IT mandate to migrate to the cloud to remain competitive and improve customer satisfaction
  • We need browser-based interfaces
  • We have new IT initiatives, and technology demands that require migration, upgrade and re-engineering
  • Enterprise mobility requires re-engineering of software products, and applications

When I finished, Ricky saw the light! If you want to sell a software-re-engineering project, show your management team he real issues this project will address. If you need help with your re-engineering project, talk to the experts. Software ReEngineering Services