Software Reengineering and Ux: Important and Necessary

Don’t Be Afraid of the Cost and Time to Complete Software Re-Engineering!

I recently attended a technology conference where I listened to attendees grumble about outdated technology, and apps and software products that just didn’t deliver when it comes to performance, scalability and navigation on smart phones and other portable devices. These same people said that they could not justify the cost or time required to complete a software re-engineering project.



It intrigues me that these discussions rarely include a consideration for the lost revenue and users that result from poorly performing, cumbersome sites. Concepts like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), ‘mobile first’ and ‘content first’, and Cloud, are all factors to be considered in software product, software application or site re-engineering – but they are not the only considerations in today’s business world. Building a high performance, data-centric, device agnostic solutions is just one of the factors a business must consider to remain competitive, and keep their software applications relevant for today’s technology and user needs.

There are many reasons an enterprise might undertake a Product, Application or Software Reengineering initiative, but typically, this type of initiative is driven by critical business issues, and requirements. To get the full picture, one must consider that an enterprise should capitalize on the latest technologies and trends, and that it should integrate with other applications or systems, and previously incompatible technology environs. The enterprise must resolve issues with old architecture that no longer supports the needs of the market or the user. Most importantly, it must satisfy user expectations for application usage The business must address expanding and changing user needs and address factors like increasing numbers of users and changing usage, changing user skills and expectations, and a change in the volume, size and type of data.

In today’s world, the user experience may be the most important aspect of software application success. An elegant, well-conceived user interface results in swifter, more committed user adoption of a software product or site, and in better ROI, TCO. Both the software vendor and enterprise IT teams will enjoy improved results without significant investment in training, implementation or IT support. Whether a software product, business application or site is designed for use on desktops, laptops, tablets, or smart phones, user experience improvement, aka User Experience improvement, is one of the most important disciplines in the software development world today.

When you are considering the need for software re-engineering and Ux design, you can’t just think about cost and time (which can be addressed by a trusted partner without crazy price tags and long delays). You have to consider the lost business and reputation and what your competition is doing to address these needs. If you are ready to tackle your software reengineering project and provide a great Ux environment, start here: Software Re-Engineering and Ux