Social BI Helps Users AND Data Administrators

Social BI Guides Administrators by Highlighting the Type of Content Users Want!

Social networks and social media affect the lives of consumers and business users alike. Everyone knows them, and everyone uses them. Every aspect of modern life involves sharing and social interaction, Imagine an environment where business users can access a business intelligence and analysis portal and see popular data to rate, share and comment. This type of sharing can optimize resources by allowing users to access reports, dashboards and data that might be just what they need to complete a task or analysis. When you implement social media and social networking within the Business Intelligence environment business users can share, rate, discuss and learn from others.



With Social BI, organizations will see the emergence of power users who take a creative, insightful approach to data analysis. Just as social media users can ‘Like’ or ‘Share’ a provocative post from another user, a social business intelligence tool can support the same kind of sharing and learning within your organization.

AND, as power users, and data analysis, become ‘popular’, the enterprise will see improved user adoption of BI tools and begin to understand the types of data that users value, and how to provide, and present, data to improve data leverage, and increase confidence in decisions. Understanding the social aspect of data analysis, and data popularity allows the enterprise to make decisions about additional provisioning of data, reports and dashboards to business users.

Social BI Tool engenders and encourages collaboration and provides valuable insight for administrators to illustrate the type and format of content and data your users want.

Are you looking for ways to help your administrators and managers determine what type of data will make users more productive and provide crucial support for business decisions?

Social BI will:

  • Promote collaboration, improve productivity
  • Allow users to share, rate, comment and popularize data to understand what data business users want and need
  • Balance data quality vs. popularity
  • Promote collaborative decision-making among business user

If this sounds good to you, then go with the experts. Let them help you establish the foundation for success! Social Business Intelligence