Customer relationship management (CRM) is not for the faint of heart! Marketing, advertising, sales and customer service representatives can no longer guess at or dictate what their customers want. Today’s business clients and consumers are more sophisticated. They are used to targeted products, targeted marketing and advertising and customer service representatives who anticipate their needs and are prepared with great products and services. If you want to attract customers to your online store or website, or improve your sales conversions with social media marketing or call center up selling, you must first understand your target market, and what your customers truly want.


Today’s business intelligence software can help you improve your customer relationship management with mobile, self-service BI tools that are accessible to your sales team, your call center, your marketing, advertising and sales personnel. Integrated mobile BI can leverage data from CRM, ERP and other systems and bring it together in one place in a personalized dashboard that will present data in a manner that is meaningful to every user – no matter their function or role within the business enterprise.

One of the most important reasons to consider self-serve business intelligence tools is to put the power of this intelligence into the hands of enterprise users and avoid the delays and imprecise decisions that result from programmer or analyst involvement. If you have to dictate report requirements and wait for your reports, you lose precious time and may be working with incomplete or out-of-date information. When you put BI into the hands of your enterprise users, you allow them be more productive and to recognize issues before they become problems and capitalize on opportunities as they arise – thereby keeping your customers happy and beating the competition.

Call center managers can use self-serve business intelligence tools to better understand customer satisfaction with agent interaction and to recognize new requirements and customer demands. Sales personnel can anticipate the need for new or improved products and better understand how their plan is meeting goals. Marketing teams can develop, monitor and adapt marketing campaigns to satisfy the unique requirements of the target audience and attract more customers.

Self-service business intelligence creates an environment of data democratization and ensures that enterprise users can access data and create views, alerts and reports that help them do their job, thereby improving customer acquisition and satisfaction.

Original Source – Do You Speak the Language of Your Customers? Get To Know Them Better with Self-Serve BI