Spring Into Security with the Spring Security Framework!


In software programming, the use of frameworks makes things easy and saves a great deal of time for developers. In the Java world, Spring Security is one such framework that is worth consideration by developers. Spring Security is part of the larger Spring Projects Umbrella, and the framework can be used to implement security aspects in Java web applications. Spring Security makes a developer’s job easier and ensures that an application is secure by configuring the appropriate elements in the xml file. It also provides support classes and various filters, as well as support for custom requirements. It is worth nothing that Spring Security sometimes requires a bit more work to achieve specific, complex requirements, but the tool is, nevertheless, a worthwhile addition to any developer’s toolkit.One of the common requirements in web development is to gracefully exit from the application when a user session expires. In this article, we will look at how Spring Security can help a developer to easily configure and handle a session timeout, and explore the issues and workarounds that you’ll need to understand in order to successfully utilize the tool.