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If you are considering Java for your business or consumer solution or app, know this: By some estimates, Java drives more than $100B of annual business revenue, and roughly seven out of ten wireless apps in development will use a Java environment.

Case Study: Property Assessment and Water Management Software Solution for a Smart City in India

The Client is one of several smart cities identified within the urban municipalities in India. Smart Cities focus on prioritizing pressing needs and identify the greatest opportunities to improve living conditions. As a smart city, the Client organization uses a range of approaches to achieve its goals including digital and information technologies, urban planning best practices, public-private partnerships, and policy changes.

The Elegant MicroWeb team collaborated with the Client team to develop a comprehensive understanding of requirements, workflow and processes and to define a database design and architecture to meet these requirements. Using the Agile Development Methodology, the Elegant MicroWeb team developed modules as part of an ERP system and implemented these modules, working with users to deploy, train and support in a way that was most meaningful to the user base in a particular role or location. The resulting application provides a centralized view of all core activities and processes and allows for advanced reporting for units and teams, optimizing resources and ensuring productivity while alleviating the manual management and reporting processes previously in place.

Case Study: Offshore Development for U.S. Health and Wellness Practitioner Diagnostic Portal

The Client business is dedicated to scientific discovery, unparalleled quality, and health and wellness practitioner partnerships. This foundation has positioned the Client team as an industry leader in functional nutrition. The business develops, manufactures, markets and distributes nutrition and lifestyle supplements and offers nutraceuticals and nutritional supplements for blood sugar support, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal, immune, joint health, stress management, and detoxification and their products.

The Elegant MicroWeb worked closely with the Client team to define the requirements and execute the project. This project resulted in close engagement through a practitioner portal with impressive user adoption by the target audience. The user-friendly solution met all Client objectives and Client and end-user satisfaction with the solution resulted in the engagement of the Elegant MicroWeb full suite of offshore development services with dedicated resources to support the Client, its partners and end-users and to manage, maintain, enhance and scale the system so the Client can sustain and succeed in the market.

Case Study: Saudi Arabia Client Implements ERP, Human Capital and Inventory Management and Business Intelligence Solutions

Comprehensive ERP development was crucial to the client business and to simplifying what had become a cumbersome business management process. The Elegant MicroWeb team provided world-class support at every step in the process and developed the required modules to manage inventory and organize and manage human resource related activities. The Elegant MicroWeb team also implemented a reporting and analysis solution using the ElegantJ BI product suite to enable business users to easily design and use custom reports so the business would function more smoothly and users could handle these tasks on their own without the assistance of IT, developers or data scientists, thereby improving data literacy and productivity throughout the organization.

All solutions were developed to be completely database driven and support multiple languages and field labels so the system is scalable and flexible, easy to maintain and easy to adopt within all divisions, departments This multi lingual English and Arabic language support is crucial for localization and system framework. Following the successful implementation of these integrated modules, the product solution suite, including the ElegantJ BI reporting tool, will be productized to serve other Client businesses

Case Study: Re-Engineered Enterprise Software Development for Software and Services Co.

A software product and services company in the U.S. engaged Elegant MicroWeb to re-engineer an enterprise software application with desktop-based client to upgrade its software product to a cutting-edge architecture for a seamless user experience. Elegant MicroWeb employed agile project management methodology and reporting systems to ensure effective communication between the client in the U.S. and the offshore Elegant MicroWeb team in India.

The client’s Java-based desktop architecture was used by a large number of users in aerospace, defense and other verticals, so it was crucial to ensure a smooth migration and re-engineering effort, and to provide continuous availability and adequate user training. Elegant MicroWeb designed a three tier application architecture for presentation, middle and persistence tiers with interoperability of the persistence tier to accommodate the relational database on Oracle platform. Elegant MicroWeb completed this and other projects, for this client and continues its mutually beneficial relationship with this client providing product development, maintenance and support.

Spring Into Security with the Spring Security Framework!


In software programming, the use of frameworks makes things easy and saves a great deal of time for developers. In the Java world, Spring Security is one such framework that is worth consideration by developers. Spring Security is part of the larger Spring Projects Umbrella, and the framework can be used to implement security aspects in Java web applications. Spring Security makes a developer’s job easier and ensures that an application is secure by configuring the appropriate elements in the xml file. It also provides support classes and various filters, as well as support for custom requirements. It is worth nothing that Spring Security sometimes requires a bit more work to achieve specific, complex requirements, but the tool is, nevertheless, a worthwhile addition to any developer’s toolkit.One of the common requirements in web development is to gracefully exit from the application when a user session expires. In this article, we will look at how Spring Security can help a developer to easily configure and handle a session timeout, and explore the issues and workarounds that you’ll need to understand in order to successfully utilize the tool.


Java Ain’t Just a Cup of Joe


We all know that Java is more than a cup of ‘Joe’. In the technology world, Java is, of course, an object–oriented programming language with a built–in application programming interface (API), and a rich set of APIs and its platform independence, Java can stand alone as a platform in and of itself.

Java provides a wide range of ready–to–use technologies and frameworks. If your enterprise wants to build an application or a software product in Java, it is important to use a professional team of Java experts. These experts can ensure business success and customer satisfaction with skilled technical feasibility services,a thorough command of architecture, product design, development, maintenance and support and even, (for those nightmarish redesign projects) software re-engineering and Ux design services.


Java Will Perk Up Your Business and Customers Faster Than a Caffeine Fix!


Every consumer and business employee uses the internet, and whether the task is related to product or service purchases, entertainment, or information sharing or collaboration, every internet user has seen the logo for Java on a site or in a window for a version upgrade.Java is an object–oriented programming language with a built–in application programming interface (API). The reason Java is so popular among developers and site designers is its rich set of APIs and, more importantly, its platform independence. Java can stand alone as a platform in and of itself and that is important in today’s open access world. Businesses and consumers do not want restrictive silo-based applications or sites that limit their independence, accessibility or mobility. Java provides a wide range of ready–to–use technologies and frameworks, and that foundation allows developers to build enterprise, internet, intranet and embedded applications, and provides and supports many tools and frameworks.