Every consumer and business employee uses the internet, and whether the task is related to product or service purchases, entertainment, or information sharing or collaboration, every internet user has seen the logo for Java on a site or in a window for a version upgrade.Java is an object–oriented programming language with a built–in application programming interface (API). The reason Java is so popular among developers and site designers is its rich set of APIs and, more importantly, its platform independence. Java can stand alone as a platform in and of itself and that is important in today’s open access world. Businesses and consumers do not want restrictive silo-based applications or sites that limit their independence, accessibility or mobility. Java provides a wide range of ready–to–use technologies and frameworks, and that foundation allows developers to build enterprise, internet, intranet and embedded applications, and provides and supports many tools and frameworks.


The Java foundation enables businesses to build all types of sites for internal and external use. Possible uses include sales order management systems, centralized network management administrative sites, file conversion systems and eCommerce or online shopping carts, and portals, CMS sites and web services frameworks, and solutions for mobile devices, and hardware. Java developers can leverage the flexibility and sophistication of Java to satisfy every business need with a stable, dependable framework, and an ever-expanding set of tools.

When a business is considering a solution or framework as a foundation for applications or websites or portals, it would do well to think about Java. Its tools, platforms and frameworks are well conceived, and provide a rich foundation for design and development, so businesses can produce innovative, and unique, cross-platform solutions. Java’s ongoing developer conferences and support, its global technology community, its rich open source framework and tools library, and its partnership program, ensure that businesses can leverage Java tools and extended functionality and that Java developers are trained and skilled on the latest versions and ensure Java will sustain its position as the cutting-edge platform of choice.

Expert Java developers can leverage the Java Platform Standard Edition, as well as Portal Frameworks for Liferay, dotCMS, and JBoss Portal, and the Java Platform Enterprise Edition, Web Services Frameworks, the Java Platform Micro Edition, Application Servers, Web Development Frameworks and Libraries and the comprehensive Testing Frameworks. Businesses should also consider Java for response web design (RWD) projects, and software performance, tuning and improvement projects.

When combined with its enterprise scale, highly interoperable, high performance architectural design, development, and support, Java’s scalable, framework opens the world of business-to-consumer and business-to-business interaction and supports technology independence with rich features and cross-platform functionality.