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After all these years, Offshore Outsourcing Services are still misunderstood. Some still think that these services are expensive, or that they are less dependable or skilled, than internal IT services. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only caveat is that businesses MUST carefully develop requirements AND carefully select a partner who can meet those requirements with flexible services to satisfy future needs, and shrink or grow services as necessary.


When you define requirements for offshore outsourcing services, you must consider vendor experience and skills in software product and application development, training, team skills, technical and functional competency, process, methodologies and quality systems, IP protection, security and more. That’s a lot to consider, so for now, I’m going to focus on EXPERIENCE and QUALITY (two of the linchpins of offshore outsourcing services).Experience: To separate the leaders from the pack, look for an offshore outsourcing company with a wealth of skills and knowledge in the technology arena, and with numerous frameworks, languages, domains and tools – one that has been around awhile and can demonstrate stability, dependability, and client and partner feedback to ensure continuous process, skill and service improvement. Look for case studies to illustrate success and demonstrate dedication to customer satisfaction.

Quality: Look for an offshore outsourcing partner who doesn’t just talk about quality, but one who can demonstrate consistency dedication! You need to know that quality is embedded in every activity and undertaking from concepts, processes and methodologies to design, development, and maintenance and support. Make sure your partner has been certified by the independent ISO 9001:2008 audit for all major processes, including offshore development, project management, software product development and after sales services.

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