Cross-Platform Integration Skills are Crucial!

Cross-Platform Integration is Key!

Cross-Platform Experts Can Help You Avoid Data Silos and Ensure Flexibility!

I am always amazed at the number of people who look at software projects and implementation of solutions as a simple ‘pop it in place’ equation. Every organization has SOME software and an existing network with an array of hardware, network considerations, and local and enterprise-wide software tools that are popular or downright necessary for their users to access.


Custom Application Development is Within Your Means!

Custom Software Solutions Need Not Be Out of Reach!

Outsourcing Software Development Can Help You Achieve Your Goals!

If you have a great idea for software product development for the consumer market or for the business market, you may be wondering how to transform that idea into a reality. While your IT team may be great at satisfying the day-to-day needs and helping you support your growth strategy, when it comes to custom application development, your team probably does not have the time to help you and may not have the skills ore expertise to take on custom app development.


Technology Expertise You Can Trust!

Custom Software Development Company and Cutting-Edge Skills!

Don’t Let Complex Technologies in Software Development Intimidate You!

If your business is trying to navigate the alphabet soup that is technology, you are no doubt drowning in acronyms and odd names and trying to figure out what combination of technologies you will need to complete your software development project. While your in-house IT staff may have the time and skills to handle the day-to-day projects and tasks, you may be in need of some help for mobile app development, or custom software development projects.


Our Genesis – Team Elegant MicroWeb

Team Elegant MicroWeb – Software Product & Services company in Ahmedabad, India. We have a proud history of innovation and it is in our genes. We believe that work can be fun. Visit for more details.


Case Study: UK Direct Marketing, Profiling Intelligence Data Provider Gets Online Demographic/Geographic Data Analysis


Elegant MicroWeb worked with a UK direct marketing and profiling intelligence data provider from concept through design, development and implementation to create an online demographic and geographic data profiling and analytical tool. The solution allowed for registration, criteria selection, order management, account management and administration. The business enjoyed the benefit of the tools as well as the value of Elegant MicroWeb domain and market expertise throughout the complete life cycle of the project.



Perils of $8 or $10/hr Development Companies


There is nothing wrong in being able to price low and selling at half or less than half the price as long the service quality is at least 80% of the sustained market price.Low priced services offering matching quality often tend to be disruptive to the markets and customers benefit significantly from what has to be done.

However, being simply low priced and expecting the economics and sociology to work on its own is something that will equate to having one size fits all approach to business.


Want to Select the Right Offshore Outsourcing Company? Magic Is In Your Requirements


The concept of IT offshore outsourcing is no longer new, but there are some things that remain true in this industry, and those things are worth repeating. To select the right offshore outsourcing services, it is critical to take the time to develop a detailed set of requirements and to ask the prospective service providers specific questions about their services and their service level agreements (SLAs). The following list of factors is, by no means, complete, but it will give you a starting point from which you can work to design your own detailed requirements:
Cost: How does the offshore outsourcing company measure up to the competition in terms of the cost vs. value of services? Are you paying a premium for less experienced team members? Is the pricing model flexible to accommodate long-term and short-term needs and increasing or decreasing needs for resources and services? What type of contracts, licensing, and fee structures and pricing does the vendor offer or require?


How To Guarantee GREAT Offshore Outsourcing Services!

offshore-outsourcing-services (2)

After all these years, Offshore Outsourcing Services are still misunderstood. Some still think that these services are expensive, or that they are less dependable or skilled, than internal IT services. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only caveat is that businesses MUST carefully develop requirements AND carefully select a partner who can meet those requirements with flexible services to satisfy future needs, and shrink or grow services as necessary.