Case Study: UK Direct Marketing, Profiling Intelligence Data Provider Gets Online Demographic/Geographic Data Analysis

Elegant MicroWeb worked with a UK direct marketing and profiling intelligence data provider from concept through design, development and implementation to create an online demographic and geographic data profiling and analytical tool. The solution allowed for registration, criteria selection, order management, account management and administration. The business enjoyed the benefit of the tools as well as the value of Elegant MicroWeb domain and market expertise throughout the complete life cycle of the project.
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Case Study: Scottish Bond Broker Streamlines and Reengineers Security Trade Management System

A leading independent bond broker in Scotland asked Elegant MicroWeb to reengineer its desktop-based Security Trade Management System and streamline and integrate data flow with back office and sales data. The existing system required that users leverage different applications, and had separate interfaces for sales and office users, with numerous database redundancies and complexities. Elegant MicroWeb developed a solution to provide a homogeneous environment, for all users with appropriate security access, roles and privileges, and user access to six major modules through a single interface.
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Wanted: Dependable, Trustworthy, IT Partner with Great Skills. Must Look Good in Jeans!

There are a lot of partnerships! Dance Partners, Tennis Partners. It seems to me that one of the most important partnerships to a business and technology person is the partnership forged between an IT consulting partner and your company.OK, so I was kidding about looking good in jeans, but the rest is really important! If you want to achieve your goals, your partner must provide skill and experience across platforms and industries, for all types of clients, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). They should offer direct client services, and partner with carefully selected local and regional technology companies to offer more options. You'll want domain expertise, product development skills, implementation processes and methodology and an approach to partnerships that creates and sustains long-term relationships.
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A Geography Lesson for IT Your Staff

There’s a town in India called Ahmedabad. Don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a geography lesson. But, I will tell you that Ahmedabad is in the state of Gujarat. You can look it up on a map. So, why am I talking about Ahmedabad and Gujarat? Because, businesses, managers and IT staff need to know more about this area of India. If your business is looking for IT consulting, offshore software programming services, staff augmentation, project management, infrastructure management or application development, or product development, Ahmedabad is the place to look! Ahmedabad and Gujarat are well known for quality infrastructure and business friendly government policies. This location provides a dependable utility infrastructure and a rich source of IT skills.
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