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If your business is in the government or public sector, you are well aware of the specific, unique needs of your organization. Everything from regulation, standards, security and compliance to the services and products provided to citizens, stakeholders and partners must be carefully managed and addressed with appropriate software applications and software products and solutions.


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If you work in the public sector or in a government enterprise, your business practices, standards and compliance requirements are very specific. Sometimes you must comply with standards set for a country, a function or security and legal regulatory guidelines. Working with IT partners and service providers can be challenging, if these service providers do not understand the requirements or the environment in which your team functions.


You Don’t Need a Super Hero to Protect Your Users and Your Business Reputation


When one considers the brave new world of responsive web design and mobile applications, there is nothing more important than ensuring enterprise security. Data access, security policies and personal, data and network access protection is key to providing appropriate security, mitigating business risk and ensuring government and legal compliance regarding privacy and data protection for consumers, employees and stakeholders. Therefore, data and security governance policies must be carefully considered for mobile applications, with appropriate, comprehensive user authentication and data protection policies.