Ux Design is an Important Aspect of Software and App Development!

UI Design is Crucial to Software and App Success!
Don’t Leave Ux Design to Chance. Engage the Experts! In a world where mobile apps, websites and global competition affects even the smallest business competitor, expectations are high and the ways in which a business reaches out online and through consumer and business applications are as familiar to users as a smart phone.
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Offshore Software Application User Experience Design Services!

Ux Design Services: A Critical Success Factor!
Ux Design is a Crucial Component of Software Product and App Design! Offshore software application Ux design services are an important component of any prospective software product development or application development project. Every aspect of the software development lifecycle is important. From concept to specifications, design, and development through testing, implementation, support, enhancement and maintenance tasks - the business that sets out to develop a site, an app or a software product must ensure that offshore services are reputable, cost-effective and timely.
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UI Development is Important to Software Success!

Great UI and UX Design is a Necessity!
The Right Ux Designer Can Make or Break a Software Project! There is perhaps nothing more important in software design today than user experience design. A great Ux designer is worth their weight in gold! Why is that? Simple, users and consumers today are very demanding and they are used to getting what they want; namely an easy-to-use, intuitive application or tool that allows them to complete tasks easily and works on every device they own or use.
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Social Network Portal and User Experience Design Services for U.S. Client

Social Network Portal and User Experience Design Services for U.S. Client
This client wished to develop a social network portal to illustrate credibility through posts and knowledge sharing. Elegant MicroWeb engaged in Ux design and UI development to create an innovative, appropriate design for this social media portal, and completed development of the portal using in the Angular JS framework. Comprehensive portal features included topics, cast streams, voting, broadcast, articles, members, discussion, and member credibility and popularity.Details >

Case Study: Re-Engineering Improves Business Intelligence Software Ux and Scalability

Elegant MicroWeb undertook this project to improve the usability and overall Ux for ElegantJ BI, an innovative business intelligence product. This project included re-engineering and migration and upgraded product architecture, improved performance, interoperability, integration and support for large volumes of data with optimized middleware to improve scalability.
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