Donald Does WordPress, But He Could Use a Little Help!

If you are working in business today, you have probably heard of WordPress. What you might not know is that WordPress has grown in popularity for small to large businesses in pretty much every vertical industry. If you are looking for a great way to present and organize content, if you want to launch or upgrade a content management system (CMS), WordPress is an attractive option. BUT, before you rush into the design and development process, let me tell you a story.
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Nine Questions to Ask Before You Choose WordPress for SME

WordPress 4.0 and Beyond
While WordPress is easy to use and attractive to sole proprietors and small businesses, one should not ignore the value of this framework for small to medium sized businesses (SMEs). A well-conceived and well-designed WordPress site offers an SME the ability to maintain content and update the site using its own staff and resources, thereby saving expense and time. Customers will enjoy fresh content and the business can satisfy its changing requirements and needs.
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