Is Tally the Right Accounting Solution for My Business?

Is Tally a Good Solution for Small and Medium Sized Companies?

Tally is on on-premises accounting solution (aka a desktop software application) that is very popular among small and medium sized businesses and it offers numerous features and robust functionality.



It has features that support accounting, finance, inventory and purchasing, sales, banking, manufacturing, job and project costing, point of sale (POS) payroll and other functions. It is beneficial for business users and for managers and provides numerous reporting options. Users can leverage access features like Receivables and Payables, Budgets and Controls, Groups, Ledgers, Cost and Profit Centers, Fund and Cash Flow, Interest Calculations, and more, all conveniently presented and managed via mobile devices, so there is no lost productivity.

If you are considering Tally for accounting and finance, you will want to look seriously at the Tally Mobile App, as this will extend access to iOS and Android devices and allow users to access the features of the desktop solution from outside the office.

Tally dashboards are now accessible from anywhere at any time. Tally on Mobile devices provides near real-time access to your Tally data on the go, so users have secured access to familiar, valuable Tally data. The mobile app for Tally is easy to implement and it takes only a few minutes to register and download the software. Licensing fees are affordable for small and medium businesses and the Tally on mobile environment has full support so, if your users have questions, you can get quick, dependable support and answers.

If your organization wants to marry the Tally functionality with business intelligence features, your business users can leverage this functionality as well. Business Intelligence for Tally is cost-effective and provides analytical features and expanded, personalized reporting to support IT, business users and managers alike.

In short, if your organization is curious about Tally and wants to explore its features, there is no time like the present. The Tally Mobile Application makes it easy for users on the road and in the office to leverage and access the data in the system and your enterprise can support current and future requirements with additional features that include BI Tools – all integrated with Tally for ease of access, ease of implementation and ease of use.

Tally Mobile App is the place to start. If you want more information on the mobile app for Tally, Contact Us today.

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