The 3 Best Things About PHP Development!

If your in-house IT team or IT consultant is considering a foundation for development, PHP development will certainly be among the languages you consider!  If you are hearing a lot about this scripting language it is with good reason. There are a lot of benefits to choosing PHP for custom development. In this article, we discuss the three best things about PHP development.

‘PHP provides a solid foundation for custom development and seamless sites…to achieve a world-class customer experience…and enjoy support for robust search engine optimization…dependable, flexible database connectivity, and great performance and loading.’

Consider these three benefits of choosing PHP for development:

Availability of Resources and Skills – PHP is a very popular development language and there are many skilled developers working with PHP today. There is also a very large support and resource community to support developers as they work on specific projects. Standards and uses are constantly updated and custom code concepts are readily available to support specific uses. Developers have access to numerous extensions and plug-ins and can work in a rapid development environment to build eCommerce and custom sites. The result of all this developer community access and support and the features and function provided within the PHP foundation is that development time is comparatively short and outcomes are positive.  PHP provides a simple system for code comments so developers can provide explanations and a trail of breadcrumbs to explain code to future developers for transition and handoff.

Security and Risk Mitigation – The PHP server-side programming language has a dependable history and is widely considered to resist and protect against cyber-attacks and hacking. Back-up and site restoration are relatively simple when compared to other server-side scripting languages. These concerns are important to every business and protection from legal liability, protection of client and business information privacy and system security are crucial to mitigating risk and protecting the business from lawsuits and expensive rebuilding.

Support and Version Upgrades – PHP is upgraded and updated frequently to address feature and function improvements and to ensure that bug fixes and development tools arrive in a timely manner, thereby ensuring that the product continues to grow and evolve and that the business is enhanced with new tools to satisfy requirements and protected by swift resolution of issues.

PHP provides a solid foundation for custom development and seamless sites. In addition to the three major benefits discussed here, when a business chooses PHP development for its project, it can expect to achieve a world-class customer experience for its portal or website, and enjoy support for robust search engine optimization (SEO), dependable, flexible database connectivity, and great performance and loading.

There are a lot of benefits to choosing PHP for custom development.’

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