Not Just Any BI Tool! You Need Mobile BI for Every Device AND Great Performance!

If you are considering a modern business intelligence solution, there is a real necessity to choose an option that provides mobile business intelligence access and capability. Today’s workforce is mobile and team members expect to have seamless access, no matter the device they choose to use. Mobile BI solutions enable data sharing, fact-based decision making and optimize productivity. No matter where your team members are, in or out of the office, they should have access to critical business intelligence in order to keep your business moving and fulfill their roles and responsibilities.

The solution you choose should not dictate or restrict the device, the screen size or the setting but rather provide access to your critical business intelligence data on any device you choose with a responsive user interface (UI) and high performance. In order to perform tasks, analyze information, solve problems and share information, users need integrated business intelligence tools that provide access to data in an interactive, personalized view and enable data sharing, identification of trends and patterns and user empowerment and accountability.

While you are compiling your requirements, don’t forget to look at licensing and training considerations. If you want your team members to adopt the solution, you’ll want a simple tool that requires minimal (or no) training and is easy and intuitive to use. AND, you’ll want a mobile business intelligence tool that has an affordable licensing structure that will allow you to easily and cost-effectively expand your user base.

Choose a business intelligence solution that allows every user to have access to critical BI tools and information in the office and on the road. Mobile BI

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