Before you got over the new douche bag trainee flashing their coolness by flashing their use of Twitter via phone, you already are dealing with a tech that is worn like a watch.

Oh! Wow… they are called Smart Watches!

Where do they stop.

A watch, a replacement to a digital watch… you can do stuff with your watch… what are you… FIVE YEARS old?

Oh no!

It is rated cool…


If this is your reaction to wearable technology, please get used to it.

Something called as ‘IoT – Internet of Things’ is already here and will soon make you look like a grumpy old cat if you are not doing it right.

But then, if you are that savvy business owner who is never running out the swagger, then you might want to look at the upside of wearable tech.

Not that it will help you score some wins with some young interns, it is best that you discover what it can mean for your business.

Imagine, customers having your messages on their watches?

Well, something of that sort…

You come up with the idea and we will build it for you.

Personalized applications that run on smart watches are hard reality now and they will find acceptance.

Watches have had it rough these few years. Mobiles came in handy and someone asked why do I need a wrist watch when I can check my time on my mobile.

Now, someone wants to put the same things as available on a SMART mobile phone on a watch.


But change is necessary and is part of what makes us humans and technology is what makes us humans irrelevant.

Smart watches Apps are the new buzz, start thinking about them.

Change is inevitable!

Here is a case study around the smart watch technology for you, click here to download.

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