As Sweet As Blackberry Pie! Get a Taste of Success with Blackberry Mobile Business Apps!


When it comes to pies, I’m partial to blackberries! And, my tastes do not change when it comes to Smart Phones and hand held devices. The Blackberry® is my favorite! So, it is no surprise that I decided to go with the Blackberry® platform to design my mobile business app!

You might think that BlackBerry® is a messaging device, but the newest models incorporate other Smart Phone technology and can compete with other popular Smart Phone devices for flexibility and reach! Internet faxing, web browsing, multi–lingual messaging, auto–text with auto–correct and other text features like shortcuts, FaceBook and other social networking updates, and support for Google Messenger, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, and eBay.


Forget Those Jittery Energy Drinks! Joomla Can Energize An Entire Company!


Take it from Trudy! I have a lot to learn. When my colleague, Alex, told me he was using Joomla, I thought it might be a new energy drink. While you won’t find Joomla on the shelves of a grocery store, it WILL energize your company.

Joomla is an award–winning Content Management System. Let me explain why it is so special. It can be deployed on nearly any operating system or platform, which makes it pretty flexible and useful for CMS implementations. It also has a lot of tools for web designers and developers to efficiently create CMS sites and clients using Joomla sites easily manage their site after implementation is complete.