Liferay! As Cool as a Space Movie, but More Practical!


You know how some products have such a cool name that you can’t help but pay attention? This year, I discovered just such a product. Liferay Portal! Sounds like something from an outer space movie with lots of special effects, right? What I discovered is that Liferay Portal is a web portal framework with over sixty tools and innovative technologies to create web sites, Content Management Systems (CMS) and intranet applications. It has features like Out–of–the–Box tools, Single–Click Configuration, SOA Framework, Dynamic Drag and Drop, Secure Single Sign On (SSO), Work from Desktop Tools, Granular Role–Based Authorization, Search and Tagging, Communities and Organizations, Personal User Pages, and Multi–Language Support.


Trudy Discovers the Future: iPad Business Apps


iPad! It’s all anyone talks about! Frankly, I just didn’t believe any technology could ever be THAT cool. I was wrong. I received an iPad as a gift and I am determined to use every feature the device has to offer!

If you know Trudy, you know that everything I do is focused on making business easier – improving my bottom line; making technology simpler for my team. So, I am on a mission to leverage the iPad in the business arena. iPad is smaller than a traditional laptop or tablet computer, with the flexibility and features of a Smart Phone.