Oh Woe Is Me! The Sad Tale of Failed Software Product Development


I met Emily at a recent IT conference. She was part of a panel discussing application and product development. Emily cautioned the audience about the perils of developing a software application for sale. Any packaged application vendor will tell you that developing a software product is not risk free. It is costly and can be disastrous. You need the right skills, processes, methodologies and oversight. Emily talked about her company’s experience and how they abandoned the project after years of work and a gargantuan budget overrun.


Overwhelmed with IT? It Helps to Have a Friend in the IT Business


You know how it is. You have more IT work than resources so you pull a team member from one project to staff another. This can result in project delays and budget overrun and the work product can suffer if the team doesn’t have the skills you need to complete a task.

I understand. I’ve faced these issues too. Fortunately, I found a solution. My technology projects and support issues were a constant source of frustration. When I needed to finish a critical project, something would get in the way – network issues, technology deployment, or integration or migration issue – the list was endless.