You know how it is. You have more IT work than resources so you pull a team member from one project to staff another. This can result in project delays and budget overrun and the work product can suffer if the team doesn’t have the skills you need to complete a task.

I understand. I’ve faced these issues too. Fortunately, I found a solution. My technology projects and support issues were a constant source of frustration. When I needed to finish a critical project, something would get in the way – network issues, technology deployment, or integration or migration issue – the list was endless.


If we hired enough resources and looked for the skills we needed to staff a particular project, we would be left with a surplus of resources and an inflated budget during slower periods. Furthermore, our processes, methodologies and services are designed to support our core competencies, not to staff and run an IT firm. We needed a practical, responsive and cost effective solution that could expand, contract and change with our needs.

We needed offshore, onsite and hybrid models to staff ongoing support and application development and project-specific tasks. Fortunately, we found an IT staff augmentation service provider to support all our global locations. Support is available across time zones. The team structure, skills, methodologies and business processes are designed for rapid response and deployment, so we don’t have to wait for services, or fall behind schedule on an important project.

We can cost-effectively achieve short-term and long-term goals, minimize risk and investment and maximize resources with world-class technical, management, interactive and collaborative skills and flexible delivery models.

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