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There used to be a joke in the business world that went something like this, “What’s the scariest thing you can be for Halloween? An Offshore IT Service Provider!” Today, that joke is no longer relevant, because offshore IT consulting and outsourcing service providers are a proven, valued resource. BUT if you want to be happy with your offshore decision, you must carefully select your service provider. I could talk for hours about the selection process, but since none of us has the time, let me give you some quick tips!Requirements – Before you talk to offshore IT consulting firms and outsource service providers, be sure you understand your requirements. Do you need short-term services for application development or other project related tasks or a long-term partnership for things maintenance, upgrades and support – or both?


Document your schedule, expected ROI, budget, and the vendor skills you require. Understand project scope and tactical and strategic organizational goals. Document these factors in an RFP.

Vendor Selection – All vendors should respond in writing. Select a short list of 2-3 vendors and prepare questions to make the most of your discussions with finalists. Ask about experience, stability, customer satisfaction, processes, quality, methodologies, testing, standards, certifications, team training and company management. Get references! Understand contract terms, SLAs, and application licensing terms, if any. Find out about communication and reporting protocols and whether the team assigned to your business is juggling other assignments.

You’ll be happier with the results of offshore projects and outsourcing if you understand what you need and what each vendor offers. If you want to skip to the part where your company achieves results, get yourself an offshore outsourcing expert. You can mail your requirements at