I am not shy about accepting compliments. I am always willing to take a pat on the back, but I also know that I can’t succeed without at team that has the right support and skills. When it comes to IT, I know what I need to know to do my job and I leave the rest to the pros! That’s how I managed to integrate applications and data within my company.I understand that data value is limited unless I can integrate my systems to share, analyze and report. I want to simplify the use of technology without sacrificing functionality.


How can I accomplish my integration goals in an ever changing, mobile IT environment when critical business information exists in every corner of my organization? I may not know what the pros know but I know there are lots of facets to integration.

  • >> Data Integration
  • >> System Integration
  • >> Application Integration
  • >> Stakeholder System Integration
  • >> Web Services Integration
  • >> Integrated Reporting

I also have to consider how all of this technology integration dovetails with business processes and applications across the organization and among key partners, customers and suppliers.

Data and system integration eliminates human error and automates processes to save time and money. It supports process and team efficiency and improves levels of service. I can meet business goals and objectives, satisfy customer demand and achieve market targets. We can improve company visibility and I can improve MY visibility with management (in a positive way).

So, just how do I make my mark when I know so little about data and system integration? I surround myself with experts who make me look good with my boss! www.elegantmicroweb.com, info@elegantmicroweb.com