Do You Dream of Seamless Data Integration? If So, You Must be a Geek! BUT, Your Dream CAN Come True!


Ah, the naivety of the 90s! Businesses clung to the hope that they could find ONE software solution that would satisfy every business needs and do so affordably and quickly. Today, the world of business incorporates legacy systems, best-of-breed solutions, reporting software, industry-specific apps, mobile applications for smart phones and tablets and every manner of sales, contact, inventory, warehousing, financial, production, distribution, legal and enterprise software.

If we have abandoned the dream of ONE solution, we haven’t abandoned the idea that we must integrate the data in all systems to avoid drowning in a sea of useless information. How can we integrate systems designed in different code, different data base configuration, and different platforms and frameworks and tools?


Data Integration is the Key to Impressing Trudy’s (and YOUR) boss!


I am not shy about accepting compliments. I am always willing to take a pat on the back, but I also know that I can’t succeed without at team that has the right support and skills. When it comes to IT, I know what I need to know to do my job and I leave the rest to the pros! That’s how I managed to integrate applications and data within my company.I understand that data value is limited unless I can integrate my systems to share, analyze and report. I want to simplify the use of technology without sacrificing functionality.