Ah, the naivety of the 90s! Businesses clung to the hope that they could find ONE software solution that would satisfy every business needs and do so affordably and quickly. Today, the world of business incorporates legacy systems, best-of-breed solutions, reporting software, industry-specific apps, mobile applications for smart phones and tablets and every manner of sales, contact, inventory, warehousing, financial, production, distribution, legal and enterprise software.

If we have abandoned the dream of ONE solution, we haven’t abandoned the idea that we must integrate the data in all systems to avoid drowning in a sea of useless information. How can we integrate systems designed in different code, different data base configuration, and different platforms and frameworks and tools?


Integration is the key to leveraging knowledge and data and bringing it together in a meaningful, usable way. The scope of the integration must include business processes and applications across the organization and among key partners, customers and stakeholders.

You need integration consulting services that can ensure full data integration and interoperability of systems within and outside the walls of your business. You need help to assess, recommend and implement solutions that are unique to your requirements so you can select and implement appropriate architectures, tools, technologies and frameworks and deploy a cross-platform integration solution to ensure scalable, practical information exchange and data integration with appropriate, dependable security configuration.

Enhance data visibility and decrease the time required to compile data for quick analysis and manipulation with data, application and system integration across diverse platforms, integration with web services, reporting solutions, stakeholder and legacy systems.

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