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When I first started looking for someone who could help our business with ongoing support, special projects and, well, a little bit of everything, my manager said, “Trudy, we need an offshore development company that is dependable with a great track record, and great customer satisfaction ranking.” But, he wasn’t giving me carte blanche! He was concerned about staying within budget. “My boss isn’t going to give me any more money,” he said. “She says we should do it all with our IT staff, but you know that isn’t possible.”To top it all off, I had my own selfish needs! I wanted a company with global experience, one that could keep pace with cutting-edge technologies, mobile application development, UI design, software re-engineering and just about everything else. Right about now, you are saying, “That’s crazy. You can’t get all of that and stay within budget.”


Well, ladies and gentlemen, I am happy to say that MY IT service provider has all of that and more! They even created Managed Memory Computing for their Mobile BI solution, and lots of Java tools to make it easier to create stable, dependable software applications and products. AND, they passed my boss’s test with flying colors. They have nearly two decades of global experience, great customer satisfaction and cutting-edge technology skills including cross-platform, eCommerce, CMS, mobile application development, software re-engineering and impressive UI developers, as well as ISO 9001:2008 QMS and security certification, excellent project management skills and proven delivery models. The best part is, they are affordable!

If you need to satisfy your boss AND your boss’s boss and get what YOU need at the same time, look no further: Excellent Offshore Outsourcing