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Whether your business is large or small, you need a web presence. You may integrate information from sales systems, HR, a product specification data base or other data repository. You may need team collaboration across country or state boundaries. It’s imperative that your portal, corporate site, eCommerce or CMS site satisfies customers, employees, suppliers, partners and stakeholders.

Yes, web marketing and web sales and advertising are exploding! But, customers still need to feel the local impact of products and services. They need to know that you have a handle on the local market. You speak their language, you understand their needs, and you do business in a way that meets their requirements.


With a few keywords and a little web research, your clients can purchase products and services from companies located in your community, or on other continents. The challenge is to create a web presence and image so you can compete in the local, regional, domestic and global market. But, an expensive, animated site doesn’t ensure traffic or generate revenue.

A cost-effective CMS site, portal or website is dynamic and easy to change, and allows you to quickly create and update content, add products, shipping options, pictures, and descriptions, to sustain a fresh and interesting web presence.

Experts who have domain expertise and skills in multiple CMS, eCommerce, portal or site frameworks, design and development can customize and enhance technical platforms and tools. They will identify an appropriate framework and recommend, design and develop features and customer interaction tools like live chat, and product comparison. Site maps, templates, workflow and secured access rights allow you to manage content and site, without programmer assistance.

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