The Benefits of Augmented Analytics!

Is Augmented Analytics Easy Enough for the Average Business User?

Augmented Analytics benefits a business, its users and its customers, partners and stakeholders. The advantages of augmented analytics are as numerous, varied and unique as the organization itself but, no matter the industry or type of business, one of the greatest benefits of augmented analytics is the availability and access to sophisticated analytical techniques, algorithms and processes for the average business user – WITHOUT training or skills in data science or analysis.



Each team member in your business has a particular role and skill set and you want to leverage those and optimize the positive effects of these resources. You don’t have the time, the budget or the inclination to make every business user a data scientist. You just want them to do their job to the best of their ability and that is what they want as well.

The Advantages of Advanced Analytics are well known. Analysis of available data can help your business to solve problems, identify market and competitive opportunities, establish new price points, introduce new products, understand trends and patterns, anticipate changes in customer buying behavior, identify new business locations and plan for business investment (just to name a few areas of business focus).

With augmented analytics, business users can employ computational linguistics, analytical algorithms and data mining in a self-serve environment with easy-to-use natural language search capability for swift, accurate data analysis to support data democratization and enhance the value of every team member.

Augmented Analytics performs the analysis and suggests relationships with insight into previously hidden data so business users can explore and ‘discover’ crucial business results, and improve productivity and smart decision making across the organization. The system requires no specialized skills or guesswork. Results are clear and decisions are dependable and accurate.

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