Advanced Data Discovery Does Not Have to Be Difficult to Use!

Smart Data Discovery Takes the Guesswork Out of Advanced Analytics!

If you are implementing a data democratization project and you want the most sophisticated, easiest advanced data discovery solution so your business users can get the most out of the initiative and add the most value to the enterprise, you definitely want to look at a data discovery tool that provides augmented analytics.



Augmented Data Discovery tools offer guidance, auto-suggestions and recommendations to business users do not have to guess at what techniques to use for data visualization, or predictive analytics. Smart data discovery allows users to leverage sophisticated tools, algorithms and analytical techniques without the expertise of an IT staff member or a data scientist, so users are empowered and more likely to adopt the tools and use them to benefit the organization and their teams.

Advanced analytics tools DO have to be founded on comprehensive analytical standards and practices but they DO NOT have to be difficult to use! Today’s data discovery tools are flexible, intuitive, mobile and designed to bring Advanced Analytics to every user in the organization.

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Original Post: Advanced Data Discovery Does Not Have to Be Difficult to Use!