Even the Smallest Business Needs Business Analytics!

Start-Up, Small Biz? You Too Can Enjoy Business Intelligence and Analytics!

Every business has its unique needs, competitive strategy and challenges. But, not every business understands these factors or has the ability to make fact-based decisions. Even the smallest businesses deal with a lot of data every day and, while they may feel that they don’t need analytics, this oversight can mean that they do not consider all the data they have when they make a decision or that they tend to make decisions based on opinion or ‘gut feel’.

Data Analytics for business does not have to be difficult or overwhelming. Business Intelligence and Analytics can be as simple as choosing the right BI and analytics tools. Even the smallest start-up or business can benefit from gathering and analyzing data across the enterprise and from providing simple, easy-to-use tools for every business user so that they can take their professional knowledge and apply that knowledge to data to discover opportunities and solve problems. Business intelligence and analytics tools need not be restricted to analysts or IT staff.

Users can leverage Self-Serve Data PreparationPlug & Play Predictive Analytics and Smart Data Visualization to understand and share data and provide reports, presentations and value.

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Original Post: Even the Smallest Business Needs Business Analytics!