What is Digital Transformation and Why Should I Care?

Embrace Digital Transformation and Build a New Vision of Your Business!

What is Digital Transformation and why should you care about it? Let’s keep it simple. Digital Transformation involves the use of new, ever-changing digital technology in an environment designed to encourage problem solving and collaboration. Digital Transformation assumes that a business organization truly values data-driven decisions and wishes to improve its team member value and productivity by increasing their data literacy and comfort level with using data to make decisions.

As to why you should care about Digital Transformation, that answer is easy. The world-renowned technology research firm, Gartner, has written extensively about Digital Transformation. The new world of Digital Transformation provides a competitive advantage in the business market and in attracting and retaining valuable team members and improves the speed and accuracy of decisions and completing tasks.

There are various steps in technology transformation and in digital transformation and these require a comprehensive review of the current and desired technology infrastructure and business culture to be sure that the enterprise can establish and execute its digital transformation strategy. It isn’t as simple as saying the words. The business must plan for success, just as it would with any other major transition or change.

Digital Transformation drivers are key to success and include a review of processes, business model, technology and infrastructure, culture, management and IT preparedness and commitment. It is true that the Digital Transformation success rate may not be as impressive as we would like but in nearly all cases, when this type of initiative fails, it is because the organization has not planned accordingly and does not have the expert knowledge or resource partners it may need to implement the new strategy.

The fact remains that Digital Transformation is something your business should care about, because if it is appropriately planned and executed, it will improve return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) for technology solutions and optimize resources and productivity across the enterprise, resulting in a positive impact on competitive positioning, time-to-market and revenue stream.

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