What are the Benefits of Data Democratization?

BI Democratization and Self-Serve Analytics is Key to Success!

Get with the Program! Data and BI Democratization IS Crucial!

A few months ago, I was talking to a friend (someone who has worked, for years, in the IT industry) and happened to mention data democratization. In this age of modern business intelligence, augmented analytics and Citizen Data Scientists, one would think that every IT professional would know the term ‘data democratization’ and its crucial importance to the business environment and success. But, my friend did not know or understand the term or its importance. In fact, she was even a bit skeptical about the potential and the movement toward self-serve business intelligence and analytics.

I know! That seems hard to believe. With Gartner and other technology research firms publishing reports and analysis about these trends, it is hard to believe that anyone working in technology (or in data science or analysis) would be in the dark (or skeptical), but apparently there are still a few people out there who need convincing!

So, let’s go over this again.

What is Data Democratization & Its Benefits

Data democratization and BI democratization enables restructuring of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence to put your hardware to its best use so everyone on your team can be a part of the process without professional training or frustrating tools that are restrictive. These concepts and practices allow team members with average technical skills to access data integrated from across the enterprise and confidently use that data to report, present and analyze data to make better business decisions, collaborate and share data across teams, business units and locations. AND, it allows you to do all of that without creating data governance issues, risking security breaches or spending a lot of money or time in implementation.

How does that sound? If you know someone who is still on the fence about the concept of data democratization and BI democratization, you might want to spend some time talking to them about the benefits. Businesses that have not yet grasped the importance of these concepts will fall behind competitors and find it hard to attract and retain team members. Improved productivity, improved decision-making, resource and knowledge optimization. It’s all possible!

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Original Post: BI Democratization and Self-Serve Analytics is Key to Success!