Business Intelligence Dashboard Software For Your Business

Modern BI Solutions and Advanced Data Discovery for the Organization!

Today’s modern BI solutions include Advanced Data Discovery tools in a self-serve environment that is easy enough for all business users. Every enterprise needs BI tools that can be used out-of-the-box. To meet the needs of the enterprise, your business users will need key performance indicator analytics (KPI software), and BI reporting software that is mobile and suitable for use on a desktop, laptop or smart phone.



These Advanced Data Discovery tools should enable business users to prototype and test hypotheses with self-serve data preparation, smart visualization and augmented analytics and support for ad-hoc queries to provide a clear view of corporate performance and the ability to slice and dice data, drill down, drill up and drill through to find the most relevant Information.

The ideal Business Intelligence Dashboard should include flexible options for Real Time Cube Management or Cached Cube Management and data access so users can access the method that is best for a particular use case scenario and connect to data sources (databases, OLAP cubes and spreadsheets) with a simple wizard-based interface.

The BI Reporting Tool should provide web-based BI reports to every user in your organization and enable users to point-and-click and drag-and-drop to create a report summarizing performance metrics, or operational data, without programming or database or SQL skills.

There are many more aspects of modern BI solutions and business user requirements. If you would like to explore the features, functionality and flexibility of an advanced data discovery tool that is suitable for every business user, start with better BI Tools and Solutions, and Contact Us.