Business Intelligence for Tally Users!

Can My Business Get a Business Intelligence Solution for Tally Users?

If you work in business, you use technology and software. If you use software, you have most likely come up against a software ‘silo’; one of those frustrating tools that you love for what it can do and hate for how restricted it makes you feel. You can’t integrate data or tasks with other crucial systems and you live in a world of workarounds.



If you are a Tally® user, you probably love the solution! Accounting, financial tasks, Tally handles it all, including ad-hoc data mining and visualization. But, you need more. Your reporting needs are never-ending, and the need for ad hoc data mining and visualization is enormous. Your top executives need to monitor summary results and key performance indicators, and sales managers need information on weekly sales, targets, and receivables.

Standard reports aren’t enough. You need new reports and formats all the time and you need mobile access to data and integration with other systems in a single view.

Just imagine what you could do with a Business Intelligence Solution for Tally® to provide Tally Reporting, and an integrated Tally Dashboard. Business Intelligence for Tally comes with pre-built, ready dashboards, KPI and reports and allows for critical monitoring of business parameters and performance indicators, one that allows you to design any report, any dashboard or KPI to address your business needs. While you are imagining, consider this: your business users can get started with one-day implementation and training and your business can save money and avoid using crucial analytical an IT resources to create specialized reports and perform data extraction and analysis.

What if your business users could manage and monitor results using data from Tally and from other systems in a consolidated view that incorporates data from various applications and spreadsheets?

Explore visual data mining (deep dive); drill down, drill through, slice and dice data in tabular and graphs format. Use cutting-edge Business Intelligence software to access and Report in Tally data and make confident business decisions. Access your data anywhere, anytime on your desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Given the right tools, you can easily implement a performance driven culture and be ready to take on the market with accurate, clear data and reports that will help you analyze and plan at the strategic, operational and tactical level.

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