Plug n' Play Predictive Analysis is Good for All!

Can Business Users Adopt Assisted Predictive Modeling?

Assisted predictive modeling is no longer the sole domain of data scientists and IT staff. With the right predictive analytics tools, your business users can accurately plan and forecast results and share data to build a dependable picture of the future for your organization, and for each team, division and individual.



Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis can truly provide predictive analytics for business users and predictive analytics can benefit organizations in many ways. Whether you want to find out how best to acquire and retain customers, what new products and services your customers want, how to price a product, where to open a new location, or how your customer purchasing behavior is changing, predictive analysis can help you understand historical patterns and use your data and results to more accurately predict the future.

In the past, business users struggled to understand the relationship between their roles and responsibilities and the results the organization achieved. If you empower your business users with easy-to-use, sophisticated predictive analytics, you can cascade and share strategic, operational and tactical goals and enable users to share data and use that data to make better decisions.

Your business users are not data scientists, nor should they have to acquire and use sophisticated skills to get the answers they need. With real self-serve, Predictive Analysis Tools, business user can apply complex predictive algorithms without the expertise and skill of a trained data scientist or the assistance of IT staff. With these tools, business users will become more of an asset to the organization and you can transform every team member into a Citizen Data Scientist and employ their unique professional skills and knowledge to gather and analyze data in a way that is meaningful to their role and their assigned tasks and activities.

No matter how small or large your business, and no matter your industry, your organization cannot afford a market or competitive misstep. There is no time to guess at the future. But, with the right tools to build the right plan and anticipate product, service, pricing, distribution, location and customer changes and evolution, your business can accurately plan for success.

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