Augmented Analytics for a leading Pharmaceuticals Company in Gujarat, India

The client is a leading financial securities firm that offers online digital contacts, transparent trading practices and extends personalized customer service and support. Their services include brokerage, investment advisory, financial services and portfolio management in stock markets, debt markets as well as derivatives markets. The company is a respected corporate member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of India.

The Smarten team successfully implemented an augmented analytics solution that fulfilled all client requirements. The Smarten team helped build a data warehouse and consolidate it with NSE source data that was most of the times available in a different format. In addition, team defined and implemented effective KPIs that were customized to suit the client’s business and allowed easy monitoring of portfolio performance using the versatile BI tools incorporated in the Smarten Suite. This allowed the client to raise and answer critical business questions and derive desired information rapidly.

Smarten’s primary value propositions – Simple to use, Practical to deploy, Traditional and Modern BI in one platform and Affordable to all contributed to the success of the project.

In addition:

  • Rapid implementation of and the Smarten solution was accomplished within eight person weeks.
  • The simple, easy to use, intuitive interface reduced training needs and ensured faster user acceptance.
  • Users at various levels could easily create reports and analytics on their own, without any specialized programmer or developer support.
  • Enterprise architecture with 100% browser interface ensured rapid roll out across various divisions to large number of users.
  • Low cost of acquisition, Short rollout time, less training needs, added to lower TCO.

Smarten has been a perfect fit for this client, by seamlessly integrating with varied data sources and converting the client’s information and analysis challenge into a huge competitive advantage at an unbelievable cost and time. The success of this project provides yet another example of how Smarten’s superior architecture, simplicity of use and short implementation cycle helps leverage value of customers’ existing IT investments thereby offering the best TCO to customers.