The Client business focus is in the fastest growing business sector in the India market, with a market value of US$ 3.5 Billion. The group is comprised of fifteen companies managing diverse business interests in Automotive Tires, Infrastructure, IT and Specialty markets including Pharmaceuticals, Power Ancillaries and Plantations.


The Smarten solution and the Smarten team helped the Client to support its users with tools to analyze important data and identify overall production performance, and monitor the financial impact of loss hours and non-dispatch on the organization. The Smarten solution allows the Client team to measure tactical and operational results at a summary level and at a detailed level with respect to production stages, delay contributors, operators etc.

With the Smarten solution foundation and the skills and support of the Smarten team, the Client has achieved its goal of plant performance monitoring. The Smarten augmented analytics intuitive interface allows users to make the most out of available data and effectively manage production counts, equipment efficiency, operator efficiency etc. This project implementation allows the Client to track their production performance to reduce unplanned downtime and increase the delivery satisfaction index without compromising on the quality standards.