Case Study : Smarten Analytics Case Study – Implementation for Largest Global Air Cooler Company in India

Smarten Augmented Analytics Case Study- Implementation for Largest Global Air Cooler Company in India

The Client is the largest global manufacturer of Air Coolers. The Client is an India-based Multi-National Company with a presence in over sixty (60) countries. As the market leader, this enterprise enjoys a prime position in the residential, industrial and commercial market segments and its brand is considered synonymous with cooling products in the global market. The Client is a market disrupter in what is a diverse and poorly organized sector and it has set the market benchmark with 201 trademarks, 64 registered designs, 15 copyrights and 48 patents, thereby setting the gold standard for air cooling in the global market.

The Smarten Augmented Analytics solution allows the Client users to interact with data to identify overall profitability at various levels in the organization. It also allowed the Client team to measure tactical and operational results at a summary level, and at a detailed level for an individual task, or a group achievement.

Key Benefits and Deliverables:

  • Consultancy for understanding and designing sales and transactional analytics across functional departments and data cleaning and structuring
  • Centralized access to information from diverse data sources, through interactive graphical and ad-hoc analysis
  • Defining common themes and designing user friendly Management Dashboards
  • Compiling, structuring, and harmonizing various modules like Sales, Collection, Services, Finance, etc.,
  • Exceptions and alert analysis for monitoring performance against budget allocated for each project
  • Automating all operational reports with pristine quality data
  • Training IT staff, power users and end users
  • Low cost of acquisition, short rollout time, and less training results in lower TCO
  • User-friendly interface reduces burden of ad hoc queries to IT team
  • Enterprise architecture with zero footprint browser interface ensured rapid rollout across various locations to many users
  • Responsive user interface allowed users to access the solution with all popular smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices

Provides Mobile App access for all BI dashboards and reports for portability and on-the-go report access. The Mobile App also allows users to share reports in various formats over diverse mobile platforms and applications.

The Smarten team initially executed an on-premises installation of the solution and followed this with migration to AWS ‘m5.4xlarge with 64 Gb memory and 16 core’ instance. The Smarten team provided the Client with cloud and application management services for the Smarten application.

With the selection and implementation of the Smarten Augmented Analytics solution, the Client has achieved its goal of creating a centralized analytics system that is accessible and adds value at all levels of the organization. The Smarten intuitive interface allows users to make the most of available data and to effectively manage their resources, revenue, procurement, business operations, manpower allocation etc. It supports the Client team in tracking organizational performance, to reduce cost and increase the profitability of each department, without compromising quality.


Case Study : Augmented Analytics OEM Partnership for U.S. Healthcare ERP Business

Augmented Analytics OEM Partnership for U.S. Healthcare ERP Business

Our Partner is a healthcare service provider in the United States providing a web-based, patient-centric, healthcare management solution and workflow solutions to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs for its hospitals and healthcare facility Clients. Since 1999, the Partner has provided services to the durable medical equipment and supply market with solutions that benefit many healthcare organizations and clinics in the U.S.


Case Study : Audit & Compliance Analytics for a Leading Private Bank in India

Audit & Compliance Analytics for a Leading Private Bank in India

The Partner is based in India and offers an Audit, Compliance and Risk Management solution for banks, insurance companies and financial institutions. The comprehensive solution helps organizations to improve efficiency and effectiveness of audit department operations by standardizing organizational audit procedures to manage internal risks and compliance.


Case Study : Smarten Augmented Analytics Implementation for SI Partner and its India Public Sector Credit Guarantee Client

Smarten Augmented Analytics Implementation for SI Partner and its India Public Sector Credit Guarantee Client

This project was undertaken for a Smarten System Integrator Partner. The Smarten Partner is a leading system integrator for public and private sector organizations in India. This System Integrator (SI) has a wide network of consultants and technology experts through which they achieve and support a presence around the world, including the U.K., U.S. and India.


Case Study: Smarten Augmented Analytics Implementation for India Transformer Manufacturing Co. for IOT Sensor Data Analytics


The Client business focus is in the fastest growing business sector in the India market, with a market value of US$ 3.5 Billion. The group is comprised of fifteen companies managing diverse business interests in Automotive Tires, Infrastructure, IT and Specialty markets including Pharmaceuticals, Power Ancillaries and Plantations.


Case Study : Augmented Analytics for India Software Services and Technology Company

Case Study - smarten-augmented-analytics-for-leading-india-software-services-and-technology-consulting-company

The Client has achieved a dynamic global presence as a Technology Consulting and Software Services Company and serves some of the largest fortune 500 companies around the world. The Client employs more than 1000 trained team members and professionals and offers a broad spectrum of IT services including Custom Application Development, Management and Re-Engineering, Backend Integration, Testing and Validation, Technology Evaluation and IT Service Management.


Case Study : Smarten Integrates R Scripting for Gujarat Environment Management Institute (GEMI) for Predictive Analysis

Case Study - smarten-integrates-r-scripting-gujarat-environment-management-institute-gemi-predictive-analysis

Gujarat Environment Management Institute (GEMI) is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007 certified Autonomous Institute under the auspices of the Gujarat Forest Department agency. The GEMI charter supports the “Think Global, Act Local” concept and is integrally involved in the pursuit of environmental protection for India. The Client team is engaged in assuring sustainable development, and provides research to measure and gauge the impact of various human, economic and industrial activities on the environment. GEMI is focused on developing standards for prevention of negative environmental impacts and performs lab testing on air, water, wastewater, microbiology and soil.