Data Literacy Improves Resource Optimization!

Encourage Data Literacy and Create Citizen Data Scientists!

Data literacy is a very popular idea these days. As business users adopt and embrace data and advanced analytics, features like predictive analytics for business users make it easier for a user with average skills to leverage data to make decisions and share information and, in so doing, to become more literate about data analytics.



The goal of many businesses is to transform their business users into Citizen Data Scientists who will be an even greater asset to the organization by optimizing professional knowledge and training and using data in a way that is meaningful to them in their role. Power users will help other users understand the data better and raise the general level of data literacy across the organization.

The Advantages of Augmented Analytics are too numerous to mention and the addition of Natural Language Processing (NLP) to enable users to ask questions and get information using natural language has really helped businesses to grow and to plan and forecast more efficiently and accurately Users can enjoy the benefits of simple search analytics and without advanced training and utilize auto-recommendations and suggestions to choose appropriate visualization techniques and select the right algorithms and analytical techniques to get the results they need and to produce clear, concise reports.

The evolution of these Advanced Analytics Tools has made it easier than ever to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage and to build data literacy within the organization with quick implementation and easy-to-use tools that will help you to optimize your resources and knowledge across the business.

If you want to improve the efficiency of your organization and leverage the skills and knowledge of every user by increasing data literacy and data democratization, start here: Benefits of Augmented Analytics

Original Post: Data Literacy Improves Resource Optimization!