Cloud & Mobile Enabling Enterprise Businesses


How to develop a cloud based mobile application that is also a Software as a Service? What if you can build it for say less than $2000.How is it even possible?

Good question.

Let us find out…

###You want Cloud Explained?

Cloud is a way to scale up or down depending on how much volume of business your application gets hit on the internet. It works through a series of servers and are only rented by you. You do not own the hardware or platform or the infrastructure. It could be virtual, it could be private, but it is a ghost that you control.

Is it safe?


Why Cloud Enable Your App?

Business demands. Performance demands. Security demands. Scaling demands.

The list of demands could be exhaustive for any product based company or a company that is using a existing application, but has had it made way before when cloud was just what it was, a cloud in the sky.

Cloud enablements helps address your sporadic needs with adjusted range of services, while measuring the cost against RoI and finding that you have several improved services against reduced overheads and if this is not reason enough.

Cloud is a way to ensure that you do not pay or buy things you do not need and hence remain a smart investor.

How can we help?

At this point, we are someone who knows, really knows how to optimize development on applications that are highly compatible for Cloud deployment and carries multiple tenant architectures requirements of SaaS products…

Generally, we become delivery partners for our customers, post our engagement and remain a technology arbitrator during the entire life cycle of the product development.

By doing so, we ensure that you had spent less, gained more, delivered better to your consumers and are rapidly growing on a pace layered approach, dictated on your own terms of growth requirements.

No hassling and juggling with multiple functions.

No More!

So, what do we do to cloud enable?

Horizontal scalability, fault tolerance, high performance, efficiency and ease of interoperability are several of the key principles underlying successful cloud-optimized solutions…

Cloud-optimized application design embodies the practices and patterns required to support these principles during solution delivery.

We deliver Cloud-oriented application design, that is applicable to new cloud-aware solutions delivered via infrastructure as a service (IaaS), as well as application platform as a service (aPaaS).

Our solutions are cloud-optimized & application design is based on best practices and patterns that remains primarily in the realm of cutting-edge.

What is the downside?

Failure to consider cloud & being a cloud-optimized application design will burden the enterprise with an unknown risk likely to be realized at an inconvenient time.

Does it sound like fear mongering by Fox news?

In all reality, any business which has not migrated to modern technology assets over a reasonable period of time is likely to suffer both during the migration and for not doing the migrations.

Performance issues apart, going cloud way is really is a logical next step.

What to do Next?

The thing is, you just have to begin talking to us or similar technocrats who understand the dimensions of cloud and having experience running business on cloud.

Business tangents, technology horizons, multiple platforms, mobile interface, cross application connectivity, skill requirement might all look scary, provided you attempt to have it done all by yourself.

Our resources are not just unique, they have the scale to deploy on cloud and re-engineer your product to best perform on Cloud/SaaS model.

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